Emille de Blanche’s abstract sculptures investigates ideas of place and memory in relation to the urban environment. She is interested in the non-places of society, focusing on the alternative structures that shape the environment and often either goes unnoticed or ends up being erased. Viewing the urban environment as a map of grey areas connecting the private and the public, her work tells of a parallel narrative focusing on the interdependent relationship between the environment and its inhabitants. In her sculptural works de Blanche highlight common industrial materials and emphasizes on chance and anti-form as important factors of her practice. Her large-scale sculptures often move away from established aesthetics instead the raw expression favours the creation of a sense of uncertainty and ambivalence. Emille de Blanche (b. 1981, Sweden) holds a MFA from Konstfack University College of Arts, Craft and Design and are based in Stockholm, Sweden.

studio [at] emilledeblanche.com